Li sauce (born Hassan Davis on May 27, 1995) also known as @bossmanesauce, is a native of Nashville, TN, and a graduate of Maplewood High School.

Introduced to music at an early age (5 yrs old) li sauce was weaned on all types of music from hip hop, rock, r&b and blues hence we consider him as not only a rapper but a singer, actor and songwriter. Known as “Music City, USA” Nashville, TN is a hub of great musical talent (of all genres). and emerging as one of the brightest young songwriters, Sauce is representing his hometown nicely with a brand new mixtape (ep) entitled HASSAN. He recorded his 1st song at the age of 10. by 13 he was rapping with and like adults (at that time and was thought of in some hip hop communities as very raw talent with mad potential.

Becoming popular in middle school, playing sports (basketball, football) his talent and charm were noticed and admired. He along with a few of his cousins formed a group EBA (eating by any means) and with their support and encouragement li sauce really made a buzz that continued throughout high school performing in talent shows, releasing several underground singles (on his own most times) as well as staring in a short film (“‘victim of society”).

After navigating some ups and downs in his personal life and with the birth of his daughter (“Halo”) sauce really started to take his music and career more seriously and dedicated his time and talent to making music that he loves, enjoys and that he can be proud of. in 2019 (before covid) li sauce released a couple of singles sparking some attention in town (and in some circles in Atlanta, ga. to his music and talent for songwriting. With a new refreshing style and format of hip hop, ¬†thoughtful, hard-hitting and sometimes emotional li sauce has created an exciting “re-introduction” to the Nashville hip hop scene.

Singles from the upcoming project ‘ho check” and “ride” are receiving tremendous reviews and the buzz has started as the mixtape release date is approaching. set to be released on his 26th birthday this year (May 27, 2021).