About WYZA

WYZA (wiser) Entertainment Group LLC began in 2002 as WYZA Records by Leslie O. Davis Jr, AKA eLOh (pronounced el oh) a songwriter and entrepreneur from Nashville, TN.

WYZA Records is artist-driven and dedicated with the goal to move WYZA, meaning in all aspects of entertainment (and life) WE are moving wiser.

The days of individual artists being lucky enough to catch the ear of some producer and signing a “big deal” are over. In today’s music and entertainment scene it not only takes talent, dedication, and hard work. It takes a group.

The Wyza Entertainment Group is just that. A group of friends and family who believe that the urban hip hop scene in Nashville needs to promote the light of the world so the true talent here may shine.

Become a Partner

Are you a retired musician or up-and-coming artist? Even if you’re a music producer, cinematographer or a community engagement volunteer, accountant, etc. we appreciate anyone that can contribute to televising this movement throughout the greater Nashville area.

Meet our ARTISTS

Fresh faces of The Ville with the tracks to match.

Li Sauce

Li Sauce

A Nashville native and graduate of Maplewood High School, Li Sauce was introduced to music at age 5, weaned on all genres from hip-hop to blues, so consider him a rapper, singer, actor, and songwriter. He recorded his 1st song at the age of 10 and by 13, he was rapping with and like adults.

Becoming popular in middle school through sports, his talent and charm were noticed when he and his cousins formed a group EBA (eating by any means). With their encouragement, Li Sauce grew lyrically throughout high school, performing in talent shows, releasing independent underground singles, and starring in the short film Victim of Society.

After navigating personal life challenges and the birth of his daughter Halo, Li Sauce began taking his music career seriously, dedicating himself to making music that he and his fans enjoy. In 2019, he released  singles that sparked attention in town and throughout Atlanta, Ga. With a new, relatable style and thoughtful, hard-hitting lyrics, Li Sauce has enjoyed the exciting “re-introduction” to the Nashville hip-hop scene.

Known as “Music City, USA” Nashville, TN is a hub of great musical talent. Emerging as one of the brightest young songwriters, Li Sauce represents his hometown with the mixtape (EP) entitled HASSAN.